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Mezze Culture is the only travel community for enthusiasts interested in finding, exploring and experiencing world cultures in their backyard. We go beyond guidebooks and traditional media to learn firsthand through dining, entertainment and lifestyle stories and activities we feature from local restaurants.

We cultivate cultural discovery locally by connecting cultural and travel enthusiasts with local business destinations to inspire the half of American who have never traveled abroad to do it, and those who have to do more of it by breaking down travel barriers. Their stories, together with those of our ambassadors we are enabling immersive international cultural experiences in our own cities to enable cultural knowledge beyond traditional resources like reading and research about countries. Here, travel enthusiasts and curious people can get to know the world locally by finding, exploring and experiencing food, drink, music, the arts, and lifestyle activities typically found abroad—through restaurants all around them. 

Our Mission

We believe that while travel opens the eyes, without a sense of empathy its effects cannot reach the heart. In the famous words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” When we start to look at experiences beyond their value to us, and see travel beyond its traditional borders, the adventure truly begins. Our mission is to enable greater knowledge, respect, empathy, and love beyond borders. By knowing more, we can start to overcome travel barriers, span cultural distances and bridge cultural divides, just by stepping into our backyards. 

Our Founder

Fatin Kwasny, a first-generation American, launched Mezze Culture in 2015 as a way for fellow Americans get to know the world firsthand through the origins of the international people and places around them—not just through traditional mediums about countries. Always finding international inspiration in her backyard, she ultimately invested time into traveling to 13 countries over a 5 year period while still working full-time. She started Mezze Culture because while there are about 200 nations, our world has over 6,000 cultures which are able to transcend traditional borders for people to connect.