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Our pop-up events uncover the beauty of travel beyond books and blogs about countries.


Our community of travel enthusiasts goes beyond traditional borders to learn about world cultures through the insights of our local partners - restaurants, cafes and shops who hold monthly pop up events to share a unique cultural narrative through their craft.


Immerse yourself in international dining,
entertainment and lifestyle at our culture talks

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Find culture talks hosted
by businesses your city

Buy a ticket to the event
to reserve your spot


Learn about a country on your
travel list with other enthusiasts

Discovery through stories and activities locally.

Our events & travel magazine have featured businesses representing over 40 countries.

Our events allows cultures to
transcend their places of origin.

 The insights of our cultural hosts provide immersive experiences locally about countries, as experts in international food, drink, music, fashion, arts, and lifestyle.  


Get exclusive invites and join the hundreds who've attended our events.

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